Do Beagles Shed?

For many of you dog-lovers out there, you would like to know as much about your pet as possible, from its sleep cycles to what it dreams at night. Knowing how your little furry friends go about their day to day life and what their perspective of the world is like is important to many dog owners. If you own or are soon to own a Beagle, you may want to know more about what you’re furry family member does.

Do Beagles Shed?

So, let’s get right into the question, do beagles shed? The simple answer is, yes, all dogs shed at least a bit of their fur every now and again. however, the amount of fur will always range from breed to breed and the type of fur shedding you may have in mind may not even apply to the Beagle. So, if you only wanted to know if your beagle shed its fur, then your question has been answered and you can now get off to loving your dog and giving it walks.

However, as I mentioned, simply knowing that it sheds its fur isn’t enough, and for some dog lovers, they might want to know everything about their Beagles shedding process, how much it sheds, what it means if your beagle/beagles shed too much fur and how this can change when you should get your beagle a grooming appointment. If these are your questions, the answers are further down in this article!

Why do dogs shed?

Before delving deeper into the topic, let’s talk about why dogs shed. The answer is a very simple one, all dogs shed fur, this is because the dog’s fur coat helps regulate their body temperatures and also helps protect their fragile skin from the sunlight and other harmful elements such as the heat and the cold. Dogs shed fur literally all the time, this is because the old or damaged fur falls out while new fur grows in its place. Shedding usually increases towards the end of seasons and then returns to normal a few weeks into the season.

When do Beagles shed?

As stated in the previous question, dogs basically shed fur all the time, however, they usually shed more of it as the seasons change so they can adapt their coats for the new temperatures. However, within a beagle and all other dogs, it is good to know what its growth and then shedding cycle is. A Beagles growth and shedding cycle goes as follows:

Anagen Phase – New fur growth
Catagen Phase – Fur stops growing as it reaches its required length
Telogen Phase – Fur is neither growing nor shedding, is in its resting phase
Exogen Phase – Fur falls out, new fur grows in its place, repeating the cycle

What frustrates a lot of dog owners is that it is unpredictable when a Beagle or any dog will begin to shed its fur, as the cycle is continuous and has no real starting point, and the cycle begins and ends at different times for the countless trillions of individual fur that your dog has.


This part of the article is here for any new dog lovers who may make the mistake that since the dog basically is losing its fur all the time, it doesn’t need to be groomed as often. This part is here to say that this is absolutely not the case and that you should always take your dog for a groom at least every 1-2 months depending on what breed it is, you have to groom for many reasons more than just cutting fur, and even then a lot of a dogs shedded fur doesn’t actually leave it’s body as it gets trapped among the new and resting fur. Grooming is an extremely important part of dog-loving and it is recommended to never skimp on it.

Excessive Shedding

If you feel your beagle is shedding excessively then it could be the sign of a myriad of health problems, as well as problems caused by products you may feed your dog or bathe your dog with. Looking out for excessive shedding can be an important part of keeping your beagle/dog healthy.

Excessive Shedding can be caused by a variety of things including:

Imbalanced Diet: The number one cause of Excessive Shedding is usually caused by feeding your beagle or dog or pets, in general, an imbalanced diet. Imbalanced diets are usually caused by buying your dog/beagle extremely discount pet food, which while it meets the minimum requirements, usually doesn’t have enough proteins or nutrients which increases shedding. A good way to test if an Imbalanced Diet is causing Excessive Shedding in your beagle is by buying high-quality dog food and then a low-quality dog food and then seeing how the shedding varies between when they are fed a diet of the two.

Using a shampoo that isn’t suited for your dog: Yes, we know it sounds silly, especially for more avid dog lovers however a lot of dog/beagle owners get this rather simple thing wrong. No, using shampoo you use on yourself is not the shampoo you should be using on your dog. The shampoo humans use is too rough on a dog’s skin and so if you are using your own shampoo on your dog, then that is probably the reason why your dog is excessively shedding.

Those two are the most common reasons why a dog/beagle excessively sheds fur, however, if your dog is still shedding excessively even after testing the two problems above then it could mean anything from skin parasites to hormone imbalances which would most likely require attention from the vet.


In conclusion, not only does the Beagle shed, all dogs and most animals shed fur. Shedding is a completely natural process which shouldn’t be worried about unless your dog is doing it excessively, we hope this article helped answer your question and we hope you learned a bit more from it than you were expecting.

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